Thursday, November 3, 2011

First impressions: Tern Link D8

Tern's Link D8 is a mid-range bike destined for some hard use
If you are familiar with the Dahon Speed D7, the Tern Link D8 is comparable. 
The difference is in the fit and finish.
This is by far, a better bike in terms of quality and its components.
'D' is a reference for 'Deluxe' components which is associated with affordable bikes above the entry-level pricing range.

A touch of class..
You don't see many bikes in a white coat of paint that draws your attention.
The Link D8 is one of them that is bound to 'tern' some heads.
I checked out the bike and found many new ideas on the bike, perfected by Josh Hon and the Tern Crew.
The hinge latch is a class above any of the Speed-class bikes from Dahon.
Another factor that increases stability when it comes to handling is the new stem design.
There's no moving parts on the stem, making the ride solid rather than twitchy.
Even the handlebar latch is different.
Only thing that sets this bike apart from its higher-end cousin, the Link P9, is the handlebar grips, and the absence of a quick-release skewer.

A new generation of accessories
You can add a trolley rack on the Tern Link bikes.
This is cool as it can be packed and rolled in and out of the train.
The Tern R&D gurus have done a great job by coming up with a totally new generation of accessories to benefit their users.
I see big things in this!

Tern's new trolley rack
Terning heads.. 
Well, all good things said and done, the Link D8 would be able to take on any distance in your commutes.
Better still, you can also rig it for touring. 
Since there are plenty of new gear being added to the Link-platform's line-up, I can expect some really cool things from the Tern guys!

Check out this bike at the Tern Tea Party on Nov 19!

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