Friday, November 11, 2011

Thule & me

The Samo-mobile with a Pacific 100 and aerobars mounted
I never had any luck with Thule.
From being ripped off by Perodua to grumpy salesmen and a fucking bony assed Ah Beng with a lousy attitude, my bad luck with this Swedish roof rack and box manufacturer just piled up.
For starters, I paid about RM3K for my rack and box.
Perodua, it seems, had struck a deal to sell their MyVi racks. 
You can only get them from appointed service centres.
They make you pay half up front and the rest on collection.
When I received my box and racks, I had to fix it myself.
Then, there was this so-called 'permit' from the RTD that never happened.
Fast-foward to a week ago, I paid a visit to Thule's showroom in Ikano Power Centre.
They used to occupy a premium retail space on the same floor with a big Pet store.
Today, the showroom is in a basement. A dark and gloomy place where they really belonged.
Michelle and I checked out the place and one particular gadget really stirred my attention.
I asked the sales guy, a skinny Ah Beng about it.
"Hello boss, how much is this spoiler ah?"
"That is a fender la. Its RM450...," said the guy.
From the vibes, I guess he was dreading to take any question from walk-ins.
It must be the whole thing about working on a public holiday in a basement.
Just bad vibes all the way.
I asked him a few more questions where he was reluctant to answer.
Thule makes good stuff. 
But if you have shitty people with attitude running their frontline business, I guess half the battle was lost.
They took a long time to build their brand, it takes only seconds for a fucking bony assed Ah Beng to fuck it up.
And RM450 for a piece of fucking plastic? Well, I'd rather save my money for other things.. 
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