Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tern Tea Party - Part 2

Absolutely fantastic: The window dressing
Public session
The afternoon was reserved for members of the public, especially folding bike enthusiasts.
I had lunch with a key person from K2 Asia in Bukit Tinggi town.
We chatted a bit about Tern's new direction and the emerging market especially in folding bikes.
Since there are issues with Dahon's QC and marketability here next year, I bet my top dollar that Tern Bikes would take the folding bike experience here in the Klang Valley to a higher level.
The importers have to be committed in providing a good sales and service network. They have to learn from previous experiences.
I must say that without the media support, the level of awareness on folding bikes would not be as wide as it is today.
So, after a good lunch session, we returned to Rodalink's outlet in Bandar Botanic.
A steady stream of people were already making a bee-line towards the showroom, eager to check out the bikes.

Folding bike lovers getting the first-dibs on the latest foldies in town
I met up with DC Ong, the first time after the OCBC Cycle Malaysia Ride. 
He was complaining about the lack of activities.
Ronnie Soon came later.
I saw a group of people whom I've never met. They kept to themselves and were admiring the bikes.
Some 15 bikes were showcased to the public..

IHG darlings: The Verge S11i and Eclipse S11i
Destructive testing
While most of the people were civilized and well-mannered, there were some who just crawled out from a cave.
I saw an elderly man with his two children trying out the Verge S11i.
He was jamming the shifter and tried to undo it. 
Obviously, the guy was applying a lot of force.
I watched from the distance and having seen that, I guess he had no love for other people's things. Since it was a sample bike, its bound to get thrashed.
Some guys, on the other hand, had a go at a test ride. 
This was done at the back of the showroom..

A potential customer trying the Link D8
Senor el cheapo
At the very end of the day, a Rockstar friend of mine walked-in.
He introduced me to an elderly man.
"Hey Samosa, I read your blog!"
I told him that Samosa refers to a triangular fried snack.
He asked: "I need a bike, anything cheap ah?"
With such a chance encounter with a stranger whose opening line is "Cheap", my alarm bells rang.
Being the good citizen, I led him to the showroom floor where the Terns were displayed and showed him the Link C7.
It was a nice white-coloured bike. 
Mr Cheapo spent some time examining the bike.
And right at the end of the room, I met another guy.
"Hey, you are Samo right? I am disappointed la, not all the bikes were shown..."
I seriously don't know what this guy was talking about.
Later, I showed him the Link P9, which in my humble opinion, was one of the three bikes that stood out in today's launch.
While talking to him about the fixed stem, Mr Cheapo had cut in.
"Isn't the stem height important? Bla-bla-bla..."
Well, he sounded like Heinz Stucke, probably a Rockstar wannabe or in the Guerilla cycling group. 
And I have a bad feeling that this geezer would most likely end up with cheapo China-made bike.. Or he would prove me wrong.

I think the guys at K2 Asia had done a great job rigging up the show.
Too bad the turnout was far and few in between.
All good things said and done, with the launch, Tern Bikes are now available in Malaysia.
My money is on the Verge series and the one and only Eclipse S11i
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