Saturday, November 19, 2011

A good mechanic

Oh! That creaking sound!
Several weeks ago, Michelle and I did a 78km ride to Bagan Lalang.
Her Dahon Jetstream P8 began to make some creaking sound.
I couldn't trace the problem and thought that the headset's bearing may be the root cause.
So, when I had the opportunity to bring the Jetstream for a close examination, I brought it to Rodalink in Precinct 14 in Putrajaya.
I concluded a meeting with some bigwigs at the Tourism Ministry and decided that it was best to service the bike and attack all the 'creaking' issues.

Ben, the mechanic, addressing the creaking issue
Getting down greasy and dirty...
I met Fadhly, the store supervisor. And I've known the dude since his days at USJ Taipan.
So, I told him about the issues and his guy Ben went down to work right away.
After a few tweaks here and there, he told me that it was okay. 
The issue, was addressed.
I told the mechanic to take a ride to ensure that my trip to Putrajaya wasn't wasted.

Problem identified
The creaking sound was from the frame.
Seems that a nut on the hinge bolt had loosened. 
Lateral force from pedaling the bike amplified the noise.
The boys took the bike apart and fixed the problem.
No more creaking sound.

A happy customer..
As far as the quality of work is concerned, I am very satisfied. I've heard horror stories about the Rodalink in Putrajaya.
But I think that some of the claims were unfounded.

Three Samo-tips to a good mechanic-bike owner rapport

1. Be nice
If you treat people like shit and behave like a bicycle diva, you get back shit. The person on the receiving end is a human being too, so, if you are a prick, he will be pricklier than you. So, cut the crap and simply be humble.

2. Pay attention to the details
Tell your mechanic the problems, and when you bike gets tuned, take it for a ride and give your feedback. Be patient. You are not the ONLY dude whose bike is in need of dire medical attention.

3. Don't be a fucking bike-o-chondriac
There are a lot of moving parts on your bike. Folding bikes have more moving parts. Sometimes, the slight twitch can set you off, don't call your mechanic and run around like a headless chicken. Be calm, take a deep breath. Learn how to maintain your bike and do a simple check - weekly, monthly and yearly.
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