Thursday, November 24, 2011

Switching to "Plan B"

When it rains, it pours...
I noticed that my car's air-conditioning unit was blowing hot air.
"Aiya.. Not again, cooling coil rosak!", I was thinking aloud.
Then, just a kilometer away from my office, I noticed that my thermostat's gauge had breached the red-line.
This is not good. The car is reaching stalling point.
I switched off the air-cond unit and slowly drove the car to my office.
Enroute to the underground carpark, the car was beginning to slowly stall.
Lucky for me, I found a place to park and the car had ceased immediately.

A busted auto-fan...
The first course of action was to ring up my workshop in USJ19.
I gave my mechanic Mr Siew the symptoms.
"Ah, you fan kaput already la... Check under the hood, if its not moving, just add water to the coolant tank, then, you drive and if the engine cease again, arrange with your insurance company for a tow..."
Wear and tear happens. 
My car is reaching six years of age and seeing as it is, these are the symptoms of ageing and lucky for me, I could actually drive it to my office.

Age has caught up with the Samo-mobile...
Execute Plan 'A'
Okay, here's my plan: tonite, I will drive the ill-stricken Samo-mobile home.
Under the cover of night, at least it won't overheat so easily.
I will empty everything in the car, wait till tomorrow morning and drive it to my workshop in USJ 19.
The car may have to be left there overnight, and since we are going to Raub in Pahang to cycle on Sunday, I plan to carry my Speed P8, or my Jetstream EX to the office.
Seeing as it is, I think the Jetstream would be a viable option.

Plan 'B'
After leaving the car at the workshop, I will commence on my normal route to the Federal Highway's motorcycle lane. 
There, I will head out to Jalan 223 and work my way towards Section 13, before making a turn towards Section 16 and wallah!
On returning home, the simple plan is to head back to the Federal Highway and turn towards Subang Jaya...
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