Thursday, November 24, 2011

Journey to Land's End

A brain wave...
I was driving to work on a typical day.
Everything was totally routine. Go to work, do work and go home.
Then, looking over the dashboard, I saw the bike lane sign on the Federal Highway and started imagining a ride from USJ 26 to Tg Piai near Kukup, Johor.
This will take more than a week to achieve with a distance of 408km one-way.

Plotting a route...
I started looking at Google Maps.
This is my favourite point of reference and I drew a route from my home towards Land's End in Tanjung Piai.
The programme pointed me towards Seremban and Jasin.
If you pick this, it would be a much shorter distance. But there are plenty of dangers lurking ahead.
To achieve this, I plan to cycle at least 80km a day.
There are a lot of small towns on the West Coast especially along Selangor.
The crossing to Negeri Sembilan would be short, even shorter in Malacca.
On the first day of this journey, I plan to stay a night in Port Dickson.
The next day, I will continue my journey across to Malacca and stay a night in Muar.
The following journey will take me to Batu Pahat and Pontian, that would be the last staging point before hitting Kukup, one of the Southernmost town in Johor.
In total, I will be crossing at least four statelines and push as far South as possible.
To end the journey, I might head to Johor Baru Sentral and load up the bike onto a train headed back for Kuala Lumpur.

The route map
Making it happen..
I am looking at a timeline in March 2012 to carry out this journey.
Not sure if there's anyone joining-in, way it seems, this would probably be a solo-ride.
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