Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Terning point?

The endearing couple
I am pretty much done with folding bikes.
The last three years, I spent a lot of time soul-searching.
We love our Dahons and will never part with them. There's no reason at all for me to ditch my Dahon Curve SL, Speed P8 and Jetstream EX.
I love ALL of them and I am having a helluva time riding them.

A matter of luck and timing
There's a lot of hoolabaloo and jibba-jabba about Dahon's current QC standards.
 Most of their bikes are now made in China and with a higher number of claims, I don't think I would be getting any new Dahons.
But I must say this: We were very lucky to get bikes that are trouble-free.
The Curves, Speeds and Jetstreams have held up.

Short-distance utility and performance
Our Dahon Curves hardly gave any problems.
We used them as short-distance bikes and with a modded rear rack, the bikes are also able to haul a set of Ortlieb frontrollers.

The long-distance machine
My Dahon Speed P8, is with no doubts, a long-distance hauler. This bike had proven itself and will be the centrestage for next year's adventures.
I don't want to waste time talking about places I want to go, but rather - going there.
This is one of the best touring foldies I've ever rode.
There is no issue about 'image' problems and handling.
The Speed P8 is there to do the job no matter how tough the situation can get...

The proud and the few
Getting a full-suspension folding bike was the pinnacle of my quest.
Now, I know how comfortable it can get - gliding through potholes.
Like I said earlier and I will say it again: The Jetstream EX is built to survive. It will take you there and back in one piece.

Terning over
Some folks have speculated that Michelle and I would jump at the first opportunity to snag a Tern bike.
We love the Dahons and will spend some quality time with them. We don't need anymore 20" and 16" foldies. All our bikes have met our expectations.
Now, with Tern bikes in horizon, I must say that things are getting really exciting.
I am looking at the Verge series. 
But at the moment, our Dahons are holding up.
I don't really need a new bike.
But I certainly am looking at getting something larger than a 20" wheeler for a sense of variety. 
And I found that on the Tern Eclipse S11i.
This bike fits the bill and since its a 24" ride, the experience will be different.
So, will I be Terned? 
Not yet. Not this very moment. 
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