Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cycling to work series 03 - Part 2

When the day is done..
My target was set at 05:30pm.
That's my que to leave the office and head straight towards the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
But there were some technical issues.
The lamp assembly on my Cateye HL-EL520 broke. So, I had only one set of lights left.
That was not a big issue as I was taking full advantage of the daylight to move.

Shortest route possible
I began with a short climb on Section 16 towards Section 13 in Petaling Jaya.
After clearing a slope, it was a smooth downhill roll towards Section 14 as I made my way towards Jalan 222.
The trick is to get across the Federal Highway via Jalan Templer and connect with the motorcycle lane.
There weren't many motorcyclists on the road as it was a public holiday and my journey was really smooth.
It took me about 20 minutes to get from Menara Star to the highway. I did good with the timing on an average-speed of 23km/h.

Dangerous stretch: the widow-maker near Sungai Way
Resting underneath a flyover
Dangerous places
Its not all rosy along the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
There are several hotspots along this area and if you are not careful, there is a very likely chance for you to get hurt.
One of the worst stretch is located along the Guiness-Anchor brewery.
There is a bad patch here and speeding motorbikes can be seen thrown off-balance.
I took a break at the area before continuing my journey towards the Subang Jaya exit.

On final approach to USJ 26
Total time and distance clocked
The nick of time...
Earlier, my wife had offered me a ride home.
I declined because I wanted to complete the cycle to work experience.
That said, the journey home was shorter than expected.
From SS13 in Subang Jaya, I began a slow and gradual climb towards USJ 1.
At a distance, the Summit USJ building was already in plain sight.
From this point, its a simple 7km ride towards the end of Persiaran Kewajipan.
After clearing a few traffic lights, I can see my car workshop at USJ19.
By the time I cleared USJ21, I can see a new shopping mall taking shape in USJ26.
The last push was a short climb on the Putra Heights flyover towards USJ24.
With the momentum from the downhill roll towards a Petronas station in USJ 23, home sweet home was already in sight.
I completed the ride in over an hour. 
My wife was already waiting to head out for dinner.

The future of cycling to work...
I think I can make it a point to cycle to work on public holidays as the dress code in the office is not strict.
Panniers bags would certainly come in really handy to store some spare clothes as well as extra lights and recovery gear.
So far, the Speed P8 had held up really well and my Schwalbe Big Apple tires are well into its third year of service.
Compared to the Jetstream EX, the P8 was a rougher ride. I missed all the comfort of a full-suspension ride...
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