Monday, January 5, 2009

Bathing the Grinchskies..

The boy after a good bath

Sir Naughty drying up

The ever graceful Dame Queenie

Aaahh... A bright and sunny morning with the radiating heat means 'mandi time' for the dogs. I do this every
week especially on weekends to get the kidz their soft and silky feeling on their fur.The gurl, after being exposed to the elements for five days, kinda stank. She loves to rest on the grass,
which poses a tick infestation problem.She has a thicker outer and base coat that made de-ticking very hard. The almost wooly appearance was
inherited from her Sire which is known as 'Porter'.Other than a slightly deformed left hind leg, my gurl is as healthy as an ox. The boy, on the other hand, had
a shorter coat.Siberian Huskies in this part of the world had adapted to the humidity. And since I don't place my kidz in an
air-condition environment, they've adapted very well.Takes about 15-minutes to bathe each of them. The boy is easier to clean than the gurl. I think I have
traumatised her when she was a pup.This weekend, we are looking forward to a trip to the Broga Hills near Semenyih. The Grinchskies will be
outfitted with their doggy pack for this adventure.

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