Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh the jam!

I experienced my first traffic jam for the year and man, it was one of the worse! It took me nearly two hours
to get to work from my home.The road was congested with vehicles and a two-vehicle pile-up along the LDP highway didn't help. I
arrived at the workplace at 9:30am. This is unusual because I am usually early at work. Then, the unexpected happened. An updated
information on the roster indicated that the fogey on Metro Southeast was having his offday.So, I had to fill-in for him. On the schedule, I have twelve pages with at least seven to fill. Well, thankfully, I
didn't chicken out and went straight to clreaing and placing the stories right away.Some of the copies were so badly written, it took a chunk of my time. It's already 4:00pm now and I am
eagerly awaiting for a teabreak with my old buddy.
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