Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letting go of the past..

Well, I've just added a few names into my shitlist. Seems that some folks are just not worth my time after all. I
found that through the years, people do change.Even friendship tend to dissolve over petty matters. There are guys I grew up in the list and frankly, I don't like
them since day one.All these years, I played my part doing public relations. But what made me sad, is the fact that some of my soon
to be exiled buddies remarked hurtful things behind my back.How? My wife heard everything when they were bitching about me and another friend. She was disgusted by the
fact that adults can be so shallow minded. So, how would I benefit from the ban list? Firstly, no more group gang bang dinners. Their choice of places for
food is lousy. No more gatherings. I would abstain from any invitation to their baby shower, reunions, anniversary. Death may
be the only courtesy.What nailed it in the head? Their children. I have seen many couples successfully raising their children to be
well-behaved in public. Not the ones that I've just added to my list. No way. This is a piece of the past that I must let go in order to move on. That's life..
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