Thursday, January 1, 2009

My last Randall

For as long as I could remember, collecting Randall-made knives had became a matter of obsession to
me. The maker's namesake, is legendary.Anyone who collects knives know who W.D. 'Bo' Randall was and his legacy is being carried on today by
his son who runs a knifemaking facility in Florida.Randall's hallmark knife is the model-1 which is a fighter and through the course of time, the maker
became famous worldwide.So, some three years ago, I received my first Randalls - the model-10s. I ordered a long blade and small
fixed blade knife for my outdoor use.They were the most affordable around and the waiting period was a year. Today, any Randall-made knife
has a waiting period of 4.5 years.Last year, I sold the model-10-7 to a friend in Brunei. At least he don't have to wait that long to get his knife
like I did.Now, my only surviving Randall is a model-10-3. Which is a small 'letter opener' piece. I like the overall
shape and its simplicity and well, to be honest, it could have been a wee bit longer. All good things said and done, if I have the cash, I would go for the Randall model-17 'Astro' which was
carried by the Mercury programme astronauts.
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