Thursday, January 1, 2009

The first day of the year..

Well, with all the hoolabalooos gone, Jan 01, 2009 is just another day. While the party animals are nursing their hangovers, I am at work.My task is to run the section and make sure that the paper is printed on time at all cost. Other than the smooth traffic and an excellent coffee to jazz up the morning, I'd say that the day was smooth.Though initially I wasn't sure of the outcome, the team's commitment on getting the job done became a morale booster.I found the girls who have been working late last night are considerate enough to file in their take for the New Year's eve and day roundup.For that, I am very lucky to have a competent team. I am banking on a smooth day so that I can punch out early to head home for dinner and catch up with a friend from Thailand later.
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