Thursday, January 8, 2009


I despise people who take advantage of others using sympathy. Honesty as it seems, is a rare trait these days.
Integrity is even rarer as a matter of fact. I once met this guy who wanted to tag along on a trip. So, he came and shared the whole deal.
Later, I posted my adventures on a forum. Then, I saw this modified knife. The maker said he is a follower of my adventures and did the modification so that the knife could be used in the jungle.
I learned that later, the knife was sold for a profit. I don't know how much, but the sum sounded staggering.
The thing is this: its not my knife. I felt violated when my name was dropped for someone elses personal gain. Similarly, the same guy said he had to go through hard times. 
I listened. He said he was bare to the bones. I didn't know that he had so many high-end knives, he was wheeling and dealing behind the scene.
Ultimately, it comes down to what you say and what you do. Both are different things. I get this a lot. "Oh I don't have a girlfriend, life is lonely, I am broke, I lost a lot of money in the share market, bla-bla-bla..."
All nothing but bullshit. Nevertheless, I perservered. Now that I am inching closer to mid-life, I just sit back and watch. Talk is cheap and it goes nowhere.
Action sometimes speaks louder than words, this I see a lot. It is apparent that if you are a solid character, you don't have to whore yourself.
I say this because I am sick of people whining about what they deserve because they are victims of circumstances.
There is no such thing. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Same goes in the acquisition of asset and wealth.
I for one, am sad for the fact that all the name dropping and brown nosing was for one goal - personal gain. I hope the guy gets the message and make some good out of it. What has to be said ends here.
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