Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Buyer beware...

It's the same excuse everyday. "Price already increased lah.." I get really fed-up with dealers when they give me
the runaround on their merchandise pricing.Then, there's this 10-second lecture about the world economics. If you put a trader in the same line with a
scholar, doctor and soldier, the one doing business would rank last. Why? These people make money without much effort. They get their goods, mark up prices and reap the profits.
Such has been the practise for thousands of years.So, technically speaking, a lot of stuff that we buy are overpriced. Forget about the fuel hike, transportation woes
and bla-bla-bla excuses. All I want, is a fair price. Nothing less. And usually, places that offers such a thing would not give good service.
For the lacking, they substitute it with a lower price.If you head to Low Yat Plaza to hunt for computer stuff and electronics, you'll know what I mean. This is the best
place to source for all things electronic.My recent spat with Thule and some dealers had raised some questions. The profit margins are sky high and
yet, these folks are thriving.Now, if there is really a recession around the corner, they will be the first to be affected. But really, if it is so, I
don't give a fuck.The same goes for knife and tool dealers here in the Klang Valley. I was shocked to see a production knife sold
at RM1,950. Even the torchlights are being sold past RM1K a piece.So, seeing as it is, the saying: "there is a sucker born every minute" applies. This is where dealers capitalise on
the 'want' factor from a customer.Again, its the 'willing buyer/willing seller' situation which is the deciding factor. Call it the Great Depression II if
you may, and like cockroaches, traders will survive. Some will drop off the face of the earth and some will thrive.
So, buyer beware!
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