Saturday, January 17, 2009

The journey North..

The coonkid is fond of car rides...

I've made arrangements for the Grinchskies to be boarded at a new pet facility in Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
This is their first trip outstation and I hope that they can cope with the long haul. There are more layby areas along the journey. 
Since we are transporting dogs, we don't plan to stop at small towns for meals. And while we are in Penang, the kidz will be with us during the day and boarded after 7pm.
My only hope is that they will be well-behaved while they are at the boarding facility. Sir Naughty is famous for escaping. 

私はGrinchskiesのタンジュンBungah 、ペナンで、新しいペットに搭乗する施設で手配されています。 
私たちの犬を輸送しているので、食事のための小さな町に停車する予定はありません。ペナンの間に私たちは、私たちとの日中kidzされ、 19時以降に乗り込んだ。 

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