Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our first outstation trip of the year..

Me, at dinner with the Mrs and the Gohs
Our host and the food was goooood!
Michelle and her god daughter Alissa
Tea time 
Our boy, with is lost puppy look..

I wanted to bathe the kidz this morning but the sky was gloomy. And my worst fear was confirmed when it started to drizzle. 
We left our kidz with a heavy heart as Sir Naughty watched us leave our home compound with a sad face. The drive to Penang was about to hit the high gear.
Half-way through Ladang Bikam, I saw a car that landed in a ditch. Several kilometres away, another car smashed into the Armco barrier.
Then when we were almost reaching Ipoh, a passenger car and a Mazda MPV was smashed up by the roadside. I can see one of the accident victims slumped on the Armco barrier with newspaper covering his legs. 
Maybe he lost his life or was seriously wounded. Just a kilometre away, a Proton Perdana was laid wasted with its wheels completely destroyed.
We slowly made our way through the accident site as traffic was clear all the way. It rained the whole day and when we reached Butterworth, it was smooth all the way.
Michelle and I reached Penang at 2:45pm. It didn't take us long to check in at the hotel. Later, we walked down to Penang Road for some tea.
Then, we drove to Magdalene Goh's parent's home in Air Itam. By mid-day, I was completely wasted. I caught you with Mag's hubby Eric Yee who arrived in Penang with his two girls on December 20.
Later, the Goh family hosted dinner at a restaurant in town. The food was good a'la nonya. Well, with all the catching up done, it was time to hit the sack.
We stayed at Trader's hotel in magazine street. Broadband internet is complementary, so, I took the opportunity to update my weblog.
Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate Alissa Yee's birthday at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang in Batu Ferringhi and head straight home after that.
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