Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unknown number...

I am wary of 'unknown' numbers on my cellphone's incoming calls. Usually, its the telemarketing folks trying to sell stuff that I don't need.

Another irritating call using the 'private' and 'unknown' number is Astro. Its an automated call to remind me of late payment.

So far, we have been going without cable TV for nearly a month. And the service's outsourced collection agency has been calling.

Why pay when I don't get any cable TV? I have been threatened closure for the account. Since I paid for the service for nearly five years, they will have to wait till my decoder is back from the repair people - another outsourced thing.

If Astro wants my money, they'll have to wait in line. Right now, I can do without cable TV. It can be boring, that'll have to be it.
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