Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huskymobile V2.0 rollout

The roof rack and box after mounting

Front view of the Huskymobile

The Thule Pacific 100

My Perodua MyVi was upgraded with a Thule roof rack system today. After two years of anticipation, the Samopack Huskymobile is ready to roll! I committed to Perodua's service
centre in Glenmarie, Shah Alam by paying a deposit of RM1.4K on Monday and took delivery of the Thule
system.To my surprise, what I received was the latest roof mount. The 'Perodua Myvi' vehicle compatibility was listed on
the box. The whole set costs RM995 while the Thule Pacific 100 roof box came in at RM1,772. Lucky for me, my wife
shared half the payment. This of course - will be a long term investment.When I got to the Perodua facility, the roof rack and box system was already waiting at the workshop. But to my
disappointment, not of the foreman and mechanics there knew much about the system.Lucky for me, I used to own a basic Thule roof rack. This was used on my Suzuki Jimny about 16 years ago.
Back then the Thule stuff were affordable.It took me about 45 minutes to mount the roof rack. Some assembly was required. But since I was all alone,
progress was sluggish. By 1:30pm, the roof rack was mounted on the car, followed by the box. It weighs about 12kgs and can be fitted
by a single driver.The only setback was the height of the box. It was higher than usual. After rigging the box kit, I left the service
centre and took a 8km drive back to the office. With the rack and box mounted, there were hardly and wind resistance. The only thing that I fixed last was the
lock on the roof rack aerobar. Took me a while to figure out how it works and the rest was history. When I reached the office, my main concern
was the height clearance. The Thule system passed with flying colours with just enough room. So, all things said and done, I can look
forward to driving up to Penang next Tuesday!

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