Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tale of Mari and the three puppies - conclusion

Okay, I am done with watching: A tale of Mari and the three puppies. Kids + Momma dog + puppies + a strong plot = make you cry like an old lady. Hahahaha!! Anyway, I've got to
say that the actor pooch, which is a good looking female Shiba Inu had really captured my heart.And since these dogs are small and nimble, there's a strong appeal factor. Speaking of the flick, I'd say that the
storyline is a heartwarming and feel good piece for the family. Basically, the plot touches on family unity and a tragedy that brought everyone together. As for the actor pooch
and the pups, I'd say that they really did a good job. They made me hug my boy and gurl and appreciate the loyalty that a dog yeilds.
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