Monday, January 19, 2009

High expectations..

If you work for it, you will reap the rewards. My company gave a small token to all its employees. It was a gesture
for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year.To me, it was an added blessing. A relief to my financial burden and suffering. Prior to the announcement, I was
living on my reserve cash. For many folks out there, this year would be a test. Some will lose their jobs while others would have to do
without any gratuity payments.I am used to that because for the last 15 years, I have only seen it a couple of times. And being down the line with
the rest, it was a pittance. Nevertheless, I was grateful that the meager sum became a sustenance. It was bare to the bones. So, my
expectations are never high. If the company gives, I take. There are some folks out there who are ungrateful. They are not team players and expect to be rewarded for
sitting on their asses.This is wrong and the way I see it, only the strong will come out unscathed. Fakes and phonies would go under. In
a world that is ever changing, there is no room for slackers.If you fall behind the line, you must pick yourself up and start all over again. I see this economic mayhem as a
means to punish false and pretentious people. Its just too bad if they slid into the skid row. And for the prudent and strong one, they will thrive in the face of
adversity no matter how hard the situation is.
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