Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prey drive

Don't be fooled by a disabled husky

One of the facts about Siberian Huskies is that they are primitive dogs with a high prey drive. Since Sir Clifford McNaughty and Dame Queenie had settled in at our humble abode, we had little issues with rats, roaches and geckos. 
My handicapped gurl took care of things. And since her prey drive is extremely high, no small animals are safe.
Last nite, she scored her first cat kill. I went out to check on a loud commotion and found out that the dogs have worked in pack to take down a stray cat that was caught stealing food from the gurl's crate. 
So, far, they have not been successful in bringing down the thief. But last nite, the cat's number was up. I heard some loud hissing, the silence. 
The gurl had chomped her prey and grabbed it in a tight lock on its neck. Tried to pry her jaws off her victim and by the time the cat had hit the ground, it was too late. 
Whatever life from the critter was draining away. As a hunter myself, I know it. Minutes and seconds are ticking away as the cat fights for its life. 
I already knew that its just a matter of time the cat would succumb to its serious injuries. It was vomitting blood at the drive way. 
Being the home 'cleaner' I bagged the cat's carcass and disposed of it. The coonkid got even because all this while she was very frustrated cos her food got stolen all the time. 
Now that a larger prey had made it into their kill list, I don't think any cats would stray into our home and think that they could get away eating the Grinchskies food.
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