Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting ready for the road trip...

arriving at home with the kidz

Beers with my father in-law

The coonze soze at her usual spot

Cleaning up before the road trip

Mrs Samo got up this morning to help clean up the Husky mobile V2.0. There's plenty of doggy fur to vacuum from this lil car and cleaning up took half the day.
Anyways, we tried to realign the Thule roof rack which took even longer. I concluded that the instructions didn't reall tally cos the rack foot didn't fit snugly as expected. 
With time running out, we finished up and proceeded to Mrs Samo's parents home for a pre-Chinese New Year reunion dinner lunch.
We had the dogs over and my gurl gave me a jolt when she bolted out of the house. 800 metres later, I caught hold of her and walked her back on her leash.
This was her second escape attempt. It never happened before. After lunch, we head home and took some time for an afternoon snooze before the reunion dinner with my side of the family.
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