Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Game on!

I've had a fruitful discussion with my prospective advertiser for the Metro 'Food Trail' column yesterday noon. The product manager of a food manufacturing company is a big fan of mine.
He stated two things: that the food trail brought old friends together and yeilded value for money and at the same time, reminded us of our food legacy.
The hook up was made possible by my old friend Peter Hoe. He pitched the idea of a year-long campaign for the project and a ground event at the end of it. 
I am looking at the end result: a guide book. It will be a compilation of all the articles written plus bonus materials never seen before on the Metro pages.
Since he was very keen, he wanted to commit right away from January till December. I for one, am very proud with the fact that the column had taken a direction towards generating revenue.
This showed the my efforts for the past 11-months did not go down in vain. I have proven my detractors wrong and will continue to do so. Success is a result of hardwork and a good attitude.
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