Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bad Guy..

I guess that with my evil look and diabolical plans to ruin other people's intention to have some fun, I've earned myself a reputation of being the bad guy.
If its done so to make a point, no issues here. Say what you want, put a label on it, spin it around and let it go sky high. I don't give a shit.
In the real world, you must be ready for betrayal. 
Even when things are looking rosy, there are folks out there who just can't stand the sight of you.. hahahah!
Since I thrive on sincerity, I've come across very few people who are genuinely sincere about offering friendship and sharing their knowledge.
In my time-tested experience on friendship - I must say that there are people that I've held in high regards for being up front, honest and sincere.
After being screwed so many times, especially by rich people who are selfish, greedy and stingy, I am now very cautious in accepting new friends.
And once trust is betrayed, its bye-bye, because the scars are there to remind you. Each time you fall, you learn. And when you are over it, time to move on.
So, when I lobbed a grenade into the old wizard's castle with that blogpost of mine on the Southern Thailand trip, I have immediately made it to some people's shit list.
I am aware of my actions and for the price in full, I'm ready for the consequences.
At my age, life is too precious to be wasted on wannabes and fake gurus.. So, that said, its time to keep on truckin'!!!
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