Friday, July 15, 2011

Setting the good example..

It's always easy to join a ride rather than organising one.
There's literally no responsibility involved and what you do, is follow the group leader.
Leadership itself, is another thing.
Very few are good leaders while some thought they were born to lead.
I've had my fair share in organising some rides and to be frank, there's a lot of legwork.
People expect a lot for the little that they contribute.
To me, a good trip is the result of careful planning and groundwork.
If you do it well, things would work out as planned.
There's also room for contingencies and after working with good leaders, I pick up some tricks in the trade.
Small groups are manageable and if your followers are good listeners, your day would end up fine.
But there are instances where you get retards who refuse to listen and learn.
They expect things to be done for them. Even the simple chore like taking the tire's air pressure would be left to someone else.
For these kind of people, the act is simple: just play dumb.
Likewise, you also get group leaders who are basically the chief steward.
They just bark orders and expect their followers to do all their work.
This is apparent in outings that end up as a bad experience where people fall out after one or more rides. Its normal..
To me, its always good to broaden the horizon by meeting people on the trail.
I've got no issues organising a ride or two. The rest, they would have to make a choice, sustain or move on.
To lead, you will have to be committed, persevere and be patient.
By setting a good example, others will follow.
But if you place politics in the game, your little group is as good as its numbers..
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