Friday, July 15, 2011

A free ride...

The Speed TR
I was having a conversation with my contact over the new Selle Royal E-bike saddles.
They are cool and have just hit our market.
Somewhere along the line, he made mention of a dude who came to him, asking for sponsorship.
The guy wanted to do a tour and had asked for a Dahon Speed TR.
Obviously, the answer was 'No'.
This brought to my attention on how lazy people can get by taking the cheap way out: asking for handouts.
In life, nothing is free.
If the guy tried to raise money through working and taking part-time job, half his dreams would be fulfilled.
Which is why I have so much respect for the average Joe who works to get what he wants.
You set a goal, hit your target and things will definitely turn out sweet.
I've worked very hard to earn my toys and I don't think I'll stoop so low as to ask for a free bike so that I could have fun.
Even if the bike is sponsored, the giver would have high expectations for big returns.
What could the dude possibly offer?
The crust to the matter is this: you set your sights on your target, eventually, you will get there.
When you ride what you earn, there is no guilt, no shame. Only pride.
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