Friday, July 15, 2011

Destination - Haadyai, Southern Thailand

TT Siang, one of the leading bikepackers in Malaysia is organising a ride from Haadyai in Southern Thailand to Ko Lanta in the Krabi district.
This is a gruelling 267km ride across some rugged countryside in the beautiful South.
I came to know about this after my wife had informed me.
Initially, we were left out since the core group of folding bike cyclists are out on their own, forming an elite team of riders.
That's no issue to us as we are not rich and seek to be exclusive.
After throwing a spanner in the works, Siang clarified that the mailing list was too big to include everyone.
I knew it was not his intention to leave anyone out as he is  a reliable leader. 
The trip was planned for mid-August till early September and I don't think I could get off from work since the desk people I am working with are taking turns to expand their annual leave.
Furthermore, this is an extreme long-haul that requires plenty of planning and also regular training to experience the rigors of travel in unknown territory.
To do so, one would have to outfit their bikes with panniers to ensure that they are well-supported throughout the extended trip.
Going through the emails that went back and forth, I can also see the politics engaged by the little Napoleons in the game.
To me, I don't envy the folks who are committed in making this trip happen. As a matter of fact, they've earned my respect.
The real issue here that I see, is the fact that some of people whom I have met much earlier in the year have been 'wiped' out or 'discreetly' removed from the mailing list.
There are those in the group who felt that things are best kept in a 'hush-hush' mode.
Way I see it, I don't really need to force myself join an organised ride of such just to 'fit-in' or trying to climb back into the society's ladder as I am ready to fend for myself and set out on my own.
Michelle and I have plans and we don't want the fun to be ruined by idiots who are fueled by ambition..
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