Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EKA Swede 8

The Swede 38 is a perfect outdoor knives for training Boy Scouts
The Swedes are know for their innovation. 
This is apparent in the cars they manufacture and being one of the most advanced countries in the Nordic states, Sweden has some credible knife manufacturers.
There's Frost, known for their rendition of Mora knives, KJ Eriksson and EKA.
My first EKA knife was a folding fillet marketed under the Normark brand who produces Rapala lures.
I bought it more than 20 years ago and its still in my keeps.
As far as EKA's other range of pocket knives are concerned, I never really paid much attention to them.
But of late, one particular model caught my attention.
The Swede 38 is a stout lockback and the one that features a kraton grip snagged me dead in the water.
It's international safety orange handles and grippy surface (kraton is artificial rubber) made it an all-rounder.
The knife has a thick spine and plenty of belly to yield some rough cuts.
Its also least intimidating and can be pocket carried.
Now, its my everyday carry knife in my coin pouch with my micro fire steel.
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