Saturday, July 23, 2011

The conformist

I was having a chat with by buddy Billy over tea last week.
In the midst of our conversation, I told him about a bunch of cyclists where one of the old timers are going around heavily promoting Brompton bicycles from the UK.
These town bikes are by far, one of the most expensive rides to hit our shores.
If you have relatives in England, it might save you a bit to get them.
But I don't buy any of the hype at all.
I am a non-conformist in that way.
I don't believe in having a British-made bike as a status symbol, and hanging around cafe's sipping a cup of coffee with the bike, just like how some Siberian Husky owners would parade around with their dog, hoping to gain attention and acceptance.
As far as I am concerned, I never force my opinion on people.
I ride my Dahons because its the only folding bike I could afford and make full use of.
In any way, I never preach on how great the Dahons are. The crowd out there is mature enough to decide and pay for what they want.
If they end up with a piece of Lemon, its for them to regret. Nothing to do with me.
Also, rumours have surfaced about me writing a review on the 2011 Dahon Jetstream EX. 
That's rubbish. 
I paid for the bike with my hard-earned money, if there are losers out there who couldn't stomach that, its just too bad. 
Way I see it, the Jetstream EX was bought fair and square.
I know that somehow, this message would find its way to its origin, so, to the person who went around dragging my name into mud - Fuck you!
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