Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have padded shorts will cycle..

Leading in its class: the Zoic Ether shorts
I received a call from the UPS guy.
He said he had my package that came from the US.
I was beyond words when I picked it up. It contained my Zoic Ether padded shorts that came all the way from JensonUSA.
It took nearly a week for the package to arrive in Subang Jaya and I am more than pleased with what I had received.
For starters, Zoic is a well-established brand and when it comes to cycling shorts, they are leading the pack with some cool innovations.
I ordered two shorts - the Black Market and Ether which was promptly delivered to me.
I am happy with the overall built quality and finish on this product and when I tried it, it was like fitting Cinderella's slippers.
With a removable liner, I can also wear the Zoic shorts for my excursions.
So, touring will never be the same again with my Zoic shorts! Oh yeah..
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