Friday, July 22, 2011

Into the unknown..

I'll be headed out to Genting Sempah tomorrow with fellow cyclists DC Ong to check out the Genting Sempah - Bentong route.
Much has been spoken about this place as it is a popular cycling route for road bikes traveling from Gombak to Bentong.
For the short distance ride, much of the terrain here is said to be hilly.
As for the ride, I will be putting my Dahon Jetstream EX to its test and with all the wide-ranging gear, I don't think I would be crunching gears too much along the way
The plan is to hook up with my buddy Ah Pan at the Bentong hot springs which is located on the outskirts of town.
I was told that this place has been renovated to meet the needs of the state's tourism standards.
We've been to Chamang waterfalls and much of the surrounding in the hotsprings remains unknown to me until I check it out tomorrow...
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