Thursday, July 7, 2011

Team Jetstream: The Few and The Proud

The front fork

My new ride, rock included

Ashima Pan Cake Brakes system

Suntour rear suspension

The test-ride route
I know for a fact that when the 2011 Jetstream EX goes down in bicycling history as one of the most advanced folding bike ever made, demands for whatever remaining stocks would soar globally.
We are pretty lucky to have scored at least a few units of the 2011 Jetstream EX as production was delayed by the split in the Hon family.
I must praise Joshua Hon for coming up with such an awesome bike featuring a lightweight frame and some extreme components.
And for this, I also pride myself for saving up every ringgit and sen for it instead of shamelessly asking the country's distributor for a free bike. Hahah!
Okay, getting to the lowdown, I've installed a set of MKS EXIM superior pedals yesterday.
The FSA cranks took it like duck on water and these quick-release pedals are the best there is for folding bikes.
Later, I've also adjusted the VRO handlebar to suite my riding style. I love it upright and on a relaxed mode.
Filling up the tires up to 65psi was no sweat with my Topeak Joeblow sports pump and I must say that the distinct 'clicking' sound made by the American classic hubs gave the Jetstream EX character.
This morning, I fitted my EDGE800 performance bundled GSC10 speed and cadence sensor and this worked well with exception for the speed sensor because the fork position was awkward.
Like the Speed TR that came with a SRAM Dual-drive 3x8, it took some getting used to when it comes to riding the Jetstream EX.
But I must say that the shifting was smooth and the Dual-drive internal hub does it job to give enough torque for cycling up slopes. 
The true test for this is in Hulu Langat's 10km uphill ride to the Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border.
Compared to my Dahon Speed P8, the handling on the Jetstream's VRO handlebar is rock solid. 
No lateral swaying and wobble at all.
Initially I thought I had to hunch down to ride the bike, but I was wrong. The riding position was very comfortable. 
What about the suspension? Well, this is one part that I haven't figured out.
All my life, I have been riding bikes with rigid frames.
The Jetstream EX is my first soft tail ride. 
So, it would take some adjustments to get a smooth ride on the Jetstream.
I'll have to say that with a short front and rear shock, the ride is not as bumpy on my Speed P8 and Curve SL.
Since this bike is just two days old, there's plenty of riding to be done, so, stay tuned for more updates..
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