Thursday, July 7, 2011

Selle Royal Ergo Gel Plug-in saddle

My folded Dahon Speed P8 with the Selle Royal saddle
Long-distance comfort
I was given a Selle Royal e-bike saddle as a sample for evaluation recently.
Its got all the cushy bits one would prefer on a town ride.
Now, my wife is using the saddle on her Dahon Curve D3.
After being inspired by the Selle Royal saddles, I opted to outfit my Dahon Speed P8 and Michelle Speed TR folding bikes with the top-end Ergo Gel plug-in saddles.
We paid quite a sum for the saddles and took it out for a ride to Chamang waterfalls in Pahang.
Now, as a guy, the fear of Numb Nut Syndrome or NNS would set in especially when you are riding for hours on a stiff saddle.
This was proven with my older Biologic Aria saddle.
After cycling for an hour non-stop, it felt like my balls was going to fall off my shorts.
There was this numbing feeling because when you mount on the bike, you are literally sitting on your gonads and penile shaft.
This is apparent on century rides. 
Lucky for me, I don't suffer from saddle chapping.
The Selle Royal seats are padded with a gel material said to minimize fatigue on your bum.
Sensitive areas around the male and female genitals are cushioned with a soft jelly insert which is replaceable.
For the real thing, I rode from Sabak Bernam to Teluk Intan and the new saddle really lived up to its claims. 
The only thing I noticed is the gel insert that tends to heat up during pro-longed rides.
There's lesser fear of the NNS with the Ergo Gel plug-in and this is now a standard feature on our long-haul Dahons - the Speed P8 and TR.
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