Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally, afer a long wait...

Last of the Jetstream EX
One of my dreams is to obtain a full-suspension folding bike.
And back in the mid-2000s, I came across the Dahon Jetstream XP and fell in love with it.
Last year, I caught wind that at least two 2011 Dahon Jetstream EX would be brought into the country.
This gave me plenty of hope and time to save up for the Jetstream project and after a massive delay in production, Dahon had finally shipped out their remaining inventory of the high-end full suspension bike.
Its also their last batch of Jetstream EX as Dahon would no longer continue manufacturing the bikes.
Instead, they will only maintain the Jetstream P8 which is sold at a fraction of the price. And the good news is, a small batch is making its way into to country. More on this later.
So, there I was, at Le Run's warehouse, waiting with anticipation as my bike was taken out of the box for assembly.
First order of the day was to assemble the VRO handlebar. No sweat!
Then, the dual-drive connection box on the rear wheel of my Jetstream. Done.
Prior to this, everything I knew about the elusive Jetstream EX was through the internet and a chance encounter of the Jetstream XP at a bike shop in Singapore.
The latest incarnation of the EX is a lighter framework and components - 11.5kgs.
You can literally lift it with one hand.
Everything on this bike spells high-end. Its only fair to say when you see it up close and personal and as Dahon would put it: "Ride it to believe".
Now that the EX is in my hands, all there's left to do, is to assemble the MKS Exim superior quick-release pedals and my special MKS mudguards....
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