Monday, July 11, 2011

Malacca - Port Dickson ride July 11, 2011 Part 1

Catching up with a commuter with the morning sun on my back

The scene at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho

Power food!
At the roaring 40s cyclists like me would take a longer time to recover.
We've endured more than 70km on the road yesterday and had to wake up early to begin our seven hour ride back to Port Dickson.
This was planned in such a way, we would have ample time to rest and continue with our rides.
The first order of the day, is a sumptous meal at Dung Fong cafe in Jalan Temenggong.
This is one of the many well-known coffee shops in Malacca and as usual, I had the fishball noodles while Michelle had a bowl of pork porridge. 
So far, we've spent less than RM150 including meals and at this coffee shop, the bill came to RM12.00, not bad for Malacca's standards.
We set out at 08:15am, working our way towards Banda Hilir and towards Limbungan.
Our ride took us towards Tengkera, Klebang and this marks the beginning of a climb towards Sungai Udang...
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