Sunday, July 17, 2011

Race Ready Alta Long Sleeve T's

Race Ready's apparels
Cotton T-shirts are comfortable.
But on a prolonged-wear during cycling, it can weigh a tonne and smell like a roadkill.
The solution is a dry-fit Tee and I have been wearing my Under Armour shirt for a while. It was given to me by my friend Mike Pendtrack of PMDC tactical some years back.
I found the dry-fit tees to be useful and lightweight. 
For touring, this would shave some weight on my panniers.
They are easy to maintain and dries very fast after a quick wash.
While researching for something suitable, I found Hammer Cool T offered on Hammer Nutrition's website.
There were not much choice in terms of colour because Hammer's corporate colours are red and white.
So, I did a quick search on the internet and was let to raceready's website.
There, the sizing options are available with some really cool colours.
My first choice were the raceready Readytech Alta long sleeve and Readytech mesh long sleeve Ts.
I ordered them and it took about a week to arrive at my office.
Fitting-wise, it was perfect.
Most of the dry-fit Tees that are made for Asians are too small.
In the case of the Readytech Mesh, it was like finding Cinderella's glass slipper.
I took this out at the Putrajaya interparks Series 10 ride and it was the perfect wear.
Soon, it will some long-distance action.

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