Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's some drama:


This is rather a sad period among us buddies here.  I thought this missing out name has been clarified until some one pointed out to me a blog posted on Friday July 15, 2011 as follow:

... Quote from
.... Unquote

Fellow buddies read it and pay attention to the dates and content of respective emails appended.  It was very kind of Michelle (Sam's wife) who replied on July 11 saying they are unable to join, and Michelle name on hind-sight now, luckily not missed out, as there is never any intention to leave whoever out.

Furthermore this is a loose group of cyclists and everyone have organized their own rides without necessary inviting anyone or may invite anyone they like.  I hope the matter can rest and stop here without any further comment.  Let us all stop any further "bad blood".

This is really sad.  Anyhow we, should not let an unfortunate incidence to spoil the true & sincere friendship of the rest.

There is a saying that goes in Malay: "Siapa termakan cili api, dia lah yang terasa pedasnya.." Which translates to: Whoever that bit the pepper would feel its heat.
I received a mass-mail about the said issue as posted on the above.
And I must say that whatever that was said and done in rebuttal -- sincerity is a rarity in this case. 
You don't meet many people who are sincere these days. 
And I am not a person who thrives on dramas, nor I am a sadistic bastard who gets a kick on playing the blame game.
But I made my point, its now being heard and we are getting the other side of the story.
I must say that in all fairness, TT Siang, the ride leader is a stand-up guy. 
He took the brunt of it and admitted to his mistakes. For owning up, I lift my hat to the guy. He earns my respect for leading by setting a good example.
I stand firm on the point to the guy who sent out the email, that if you claim that you are sincere, you should be open to criticism and that you can take it as a measure to improvise the situation.
Like I said earlier and I am going to say it again, there is nothing to lose if you stand up and take care of each other because integrity is good even when no one is looking..
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