Monday, July 11, 2011

Malacca - Port Dickson ride July 11, 2011 Part 3

An unexpected find in Pasir Panjang - a decent chicken rice in  a Hainanese coffee shop

We've topped our previous achievement with this record

Mr Con-meow, trying to gain some attention

Crossing the Kuala Linggi bridge

We made it!
The final push was a 15km ride under the hot sun.
And man! There were many squashed lizards on the side of the road. I counted at least 20 and just gave up.
So far, we've covered around 54km without any incidents.
Traffic was a breeze with the exception of a few heavy vehicles that came really close to us.
And after climbing for 30km towards Kuala Linggi, fatigue was slowly setting in.
I can feel my left knee hurting. This was the result of a severe injury I obtained more than 10 years ago.
Despite the pain, we kept pushing. We knew that once we've past Kuala Linggi, its home-run.
Pasir Panjang was the next town and to get there, we had to climb again, some five kilometers of undulating terrain and  smooth roll towards the small town.
There, we found a small Hainanese coffee shop and had lunch.
And this became a surprise find as we discovered that they serve a decent chicken rice lunch.
After that, it was a push towards Thistle Resort in Blue Lagoon.
I was hoping that the security guards would allow us in to collect our car which we had left overnight.
Another climb looms ahead towads Cape Rachardo. No sweat. 
Happiness, is to complete a tour and as we rolled towards Thistle, I can see the sense of achievement on Michelle's face.
We snapped a quick photo at the resort's obstacle course to mark a 145.7km return trip from Port Dickson to Malacca. We did it and are proud of it!


Total time spent on the road: 13hrs20minutes
Total distance covered: 145.7km
Average speed: 18.6km
Top speed: 37.7km
Elevation Gain: 290 m
Elevation Loss: 287 m
Min Elevation:13 m
Max Elevation:55 m
Avg Bike Cadence:47 rpm
Max Bike Cadence:220 rpm
Number of stops - 12
Number of punctures - 0
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