Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photo Malaysia Cycle&Makan Putrajaya Series 05, July 02

The cycle&makan gang: (L-R) John, Din, Khai, Maxby, Samo and Michelle

We took a 16.3km route around Putrajaya's lake area
I guess Sunday mornings are reserved for snooze.
We got up as early as 05:00am in the morning to catch the's cycle&makan ride in Putrajaya. 
Maxby, the forum's owner had posted a note about this session.
He thought I was in Singapore for a round-island ride. I had to work, so the trip down South was out.
It was mentioned earlier in a mass-email to the folding bike club people. I guess you'll have to own a Brompton or a Birdie to be accepted into the 'inner sanctum', hahah!
Anyways, the light rain in Putrajaya didn't stop us from having fun.
Maxby asked me to lead the ride, which I did by taking a lakeside route.
From our experience with the Putrajaya interparks series rides, its no sweat leading a group around the fringe of the lake.
We started in Precinct 2 and moved towards Precinct 6.
Since there was an overcast, its not really a great day to shoot photos.
The members were very accommodating.
We later worked our way back to Precinct 2 at the Putrajaya mosque and parted ways with John Ishii, one of the cyclists.
Then, we rode towards a makan place near the new century monument (monumen alaf baru ).
There, a late-breakfast was in order. 
We've worked out a good appetite for nasi lemak and roti jala.
The conversation was pleasant and as we were working our way out of the restaurant, another group arrived.
It was Col Azzudin's Putrajaya Urban Riders.
I had a chat with the Colonel who outfitted his Dahon Speed P8 with a set of travel racks.
The guys who rode along with him too were a pleasant lot.
They were surprised to see the Dahon Curve SL. Adib, one of the old hands were there too, he rode off on his own.
By 11:30am, the whole show was over. We packed our bikes and I waved at Maxby and Khai who left the mosque in their vehicle.
If there would be another Photomalaysia ride, that might take place in Malacca..
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