Thursday, July 14, 2011

Improving the Dahon Speed P8

I'm loving every single moment riding my 2009 Dahon Speed P8
There has never been a single dull moment with my Dahon Speed P8 and 2009 was a great year.
Through the years, I've improvised the bike and the first thing that I changed was the pedals. I've done away with the stock standard Suntour folding pedals and replaced it with a set of MKS EXIM Superior folding pedals.
These are the best money can buy and I'm sold on the overall built quality of the pedals.
Apart from that, I've also attached a Minoura bottle cage adapter that proved to be useful in long-hauls.
And the lesson learned here is adding another adapter on the seatpost as there are places that too far apart for refilling the water bottle.
For warning incoming vehicles, I've also added an Airzorn (Biologic has one too) horn on the handlebar.
Navigational aid comes in the form of the Garmin EDGE800 that replaced the OREGON300 and this comes complete with a speed and cadence sensor.
The Speed P8 is one of the few folding bikes that can accommodate both sensors on its pedal and spoke.
For comfort, I've changed the Biologic saddle to a Selle Royal Ergo Gel plug-in. 
This has proven its worthiness on the trail as the NNS (Numb Nuts Syndrome) is no longer apparent.
While most add-ons and accessories may contribute to the weight factor, this is not an issue when you are touring.
Even with a three-quarter load on the Ortlieb panniers, the bike is able to climb with its 52T x 35T low gear set up.


IF I am looking at some major long-hauls in the future, I would get rid of the existing drivetrain.
A viable option would be the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 gear system. There would be a massive re-working of the bike to fit the hub and its transmission cables and shifter.
This would work even better with the Schlumpf speed drive crank system. It would give the extra push for the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14.
The next thing that I am seriously thinking of changing is the bike's handlebar stem.
On my mind, there's the VRO syntech system that is more superior to the Speed P8's existing telescopic handlebars.
Few moving parts are on this stem and its a standard fitting with the 2010 Dahon Speed TR (the present model has a Andros stem).
 And to top the icing on the cake: Ergon GC-2 grips! 
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