Monday, July 11, 2011

Port Dickson - Malacca Ride July 10, 2011 Part 1

On the move: At the first stage of the ride towards Kuala Linggi in Malacca

Taking shelter from the light drizzle at a bait stall near Kuala Linggi
 Some folks talk and talk and talk and make other people plant out things for them.
We don't believe in that. We just do it.
Michelle has been talking about riding from Port Dickson to Malacca since we did a ride from Port Dickson town to Cape Rachardo some months back.
I knew for a fact that the first leg was rather simple, but have never gone as far as Kuala Linggi, Majid Tanah and Sungai Udang. 
Once we've mapped out the route for these three districts in Malacca, we are good to go.
Initially, we were supposed to start our ride from Port Dickson town to Malacca. 
Fearing the safety of our vehicle, we decided to shorten the route by 11km by parking in Thistle resort near Blue Lagoon.
Everything had turned out well as we've planned it and in the first few minutes of the ride, Michelle encountered some problems with her Dahon Speed TR's drivetrain.
I've figured this out by tweaking the SRAM Dual-drive's click-box. 
There is a cable tension knob that needs to be re-tuned.
Since I cleaned her bike's chain and washed it over the weekend, the setting became loose.
Stay tuned for the rest of my ride report.. 

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