Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The daily crunch.

Daily meetings is what I deem as 15-minutes of hell. Yes, its the eternal damnation of the corporate world.
For a newbie like me, its like sending in the lamb to the pack of wolves.So far, I've attended close to half a-dozen meetings in place of my supervisor and superior. What is expected to be tough, is the trouble shooting.
Mistakes are abound when you are rushing against time. We minimise it by checking our work several
times before it is presented to the managers.And as expected, its different strokes for different folks.
When the leader comments, some would chime in to score brownie points. So, brown nosing is expected. Dog-piling is normal. Some guys discredit you to get his bosses' attention.
It's normal to see the alpha males passing wise ass remarks to elevate their status in the pack. But with a single glance, I can size up who that matters.
As for me, its a matter of maintaining cool and retaining prespective. What needs to be corrected will be done.
The boss wants it, he gets it. So, its final. If things got screwed up the following day, the paper trail goes way back to the top.
So, back-up, back-up, back-up.I have survived so far and well, there are more trials and tribulations to come. So, the motto is: adapt, improvise and survive!

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