Friday, December 5, 2008

Padlocks, expensive knives and an inspection mirror..

Found! The inspection mirror...
There is no such thing as a 'weatherproof' padlock

RM1,950 for a ZT-0301.. It's fucking crazy!

I've cycled two padlocks since I moved into my present home at USJ26. The weather is unforgiving. A
coupla days ago, our so-called 'weather-proof' lock gave way.As a temporary measure, my wife gave her office lock. My task - is to search for a new lock in place of the
damaged one.This prompted me to look around at some hardware shops and well, my quest brought me to Eddy Ng's
shop in Section 17.I've known this guy for nearly 10 years and frankly, his stuff are pricey. That said, despite constant bashing
from me, Eddy still gives a small discount.After asking around, I found the lock I was looking for. Now, RM75 poorer, the new padlock would be in
services at leas for a few more years.Its built and quality gave me some confidence. I can't say much about the price because this is roughly
about at the same I would pay at other outlets.With the purchase, I also made some public relations rounds. I learned that Eddy now imports his knives -
which he made a name for himself - from the US.But advantage aside, I still find his prices ridiculously expensive. For instance - a Kershaw Zero Tolerance
ZT-301 is sold at RM1,950 a piece. With that kind of money, you can buy a Strider! Jokes aside, despite the cut-throat pricing, I am amazed at
how Eddy can survive..While I was cruising the aisle, I found an inspection mirror that my wife wanted. I haggled with the shop
owner and finally landed it at a decent price. Its made in the US.

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