Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after..

A few more days before we wrap up the year and I can already smell the alcohol fumes in the air. On Xmas
eve, I had a few glasses of wine and ended up drunk.My wife was not happy at all. I struggled to get up the next day so that we could go trekking at Gasing Hill. I
owe that to her and the kidz who are now outfitted with their packs.This is the time of the year where 'spirits' are literally 'high'. Spare the road accidents caused by drunkards
and deaths brought by them, if they live to regret, that will be something they have to live with for the rest of
their lives.For me, getting a hangover the next day is something that I totally dread. Its a feeling that sucks and well, I
can see my wifey commenting on this already.The body will take some time to get rid of the excessive alcohol and for the rest fo the day you will feel like
shit. Well, five more days to go and there is much alcohol to be consumed!

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