Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sony Ericsson C902

This Xmas brought some really pleasant surprises. First, my wife outfitted our kidz with their Ruffwear
doggy packs.We tested it at Gasing Hill and it worked fine. The only thing left to do now, is to organise more outings. I
think some cool trekking trips in 2009 is in order!On Xmas day, my mother in-law gave me a new cellphone. Its a Sony-Ericssion C902. I found it to be
pretty solid and slim - perfect for front pocket carry.My only beef with this camera is that memory cards are not standard issue. Now that they are really cheap,
I can get an M-2 memory stick for as low as RM40 a piece.Standard Sony outlets sells them at RM120 for a 2GB card. I don't want to pay that much. And since the
outlets are franchised to dealers, I found that the Sony Centres are majorly fucked up right from the start.Prices are standard everywhere. Sony believes in protecting their dealers who are ripping off consumers,
so, if they layoff people, I guess its only natural.Speaking of the phone, I see some really cool features. Sony's are also said to have the best cameras
around. They proved this with the W800 cybershot phone.But as they are catering for more upmarket crowd, I felt that their designs had gone to the dogs. Literally.
You won't find a low end or mid-range cellphone that is attractive.So, that said, can the onboard camera rival that of the Nokia N-82? We'll have to see about that. As for
functionality, I find that the controls are cumbersome. Sony does not offer the user-friendliness in text messaging that Nokia does. And since I have sent the
N-82 for service and overhaul, I have to device a way to re-input all the numbers that are stored in the older
phone's memory card.

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