Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To protect and serve.

I've been living in Subang Jaya's USJ for nearly five years. It's a quiet neighbourhood and well, I had the misfortune to be blessed with some really fucked-up neighbours.
Its also a gated community which gives most of the people here a piece of mind. The service was started by a guy by the name of Barron Low, which became a good friend of mine. His wife is rock painter Suzi Chua.
Low told me that he got really fed-up of the neighbour's attitude. They want security but refused to pay. 
So, as his interest in the matter declined, the service died of a natural death. Later, it was revived by a Sri Lankan immigrant who used to work as a guard at the sentry post.
This guy had set up a company with a dozen staff under his wing. Mostly are foreigners. With that in sight, how can a foreigner on a social visit pass become a businessman? 
The guy meant well, but his actions - well, is more suited to where he came from. For what I know, he may be a LTTE sleeper. Maybe back at home, he used to make bombs and teach children how to fire an AK-47.
Most terrorists are unassuming. But I really marvel at his will to survive and right now, he is thriving with his security service.
The tappped into the neighbourhood's worst fear - crime. The cops to make their rounds here and well, seeing that we are in the third world, our Sri Lankan friend might have gotten things 'covered'.
I am keeping tabs on this guy and if he goes out of line, he will be on a plane back to Colombo.

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mich said...

ok.. will leave u to sort him out..