Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Knives of the year..

Will Zermeno's masterpieces
Some Green handled folders
My Strider AR Trifecta!

Aaahhh.. This is my favourite topic of the day... Knives! Let's start with the 2008 hits and misses. In the
beginning of this year, I scored a Strider 15th Anniversary AR. This is like a dream come true because the dealer, Matt Donohue who runs an on-line store in Virginia,
USA, actually allowed me to purchase it via a payment scheme.After waiting for nearly three months, the AR arrived. Its built like a tank and completes my quest for the
AR-evolutionI scored a second generation AR from Matt back in 2003. Three years later, a friend of mine Bobby G from
Texas sold me his numbered HG-AR. It was my Strider holy grail.The hollow ground knives were personally produced by Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer from their
workshop in California.Things slowed down a bit in the second and third quarter, but I still managed to score some production
knives. I picked up two Spyderco folders in Foliage Green G-10 handles.First on my plate, was the flat ground Endura. This is the company's flagship knife which I acquired from a
friend residing in the US. The price was nothing to shout about.Later, one of my 'dream' folders came. It was the Foliage Green Spyderco Military folder. Pricing for this
one was excellent. I acquired it from a buddy who is also a knifemaker in the US.With the Spyderco Citadel auto, this completes my production knife quest for the year. Besides the
Spydercos, I also scored some Boker knives designed by Chad Los Banos. They were the Hyper, M-Type
and Direkt.Now, the least expected surprises for 2008, was some handmade knives by knifemaker and lawman Will
Zermeno.He produced four knives for me and to close the curtain for this year, I scored two damascus blades. They
are artfully produced and I must say that Mr Zermeno made it with his heart and soul! So, what is in store for 2009? I must say that another Strider is in order! It will be a fixed blade. My project
with Will Zermeno will also continue with a few designs in the offing..

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