Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doggy pack

Well, the idea of outfitting my dogs with a dog pack came about early this year. I thought I could rustle it from a local dealer who told me that they could source for it.
But after a two-month wait, it was a major disappointment. They couldn't even get into the country through a reseller.
So, I shelved the plan because shipping is exhorbitant. Perhaps next year would be a perfect timing as my wifey is heading over to the US for her exams.
I can purchase it on-line and ship it over to her. The packs are long overdue and so are some doggy goods. 
The one I had in mind was from a doggy pack maker called 'Ruffwear'. I'll get the Palisades pack for Sir Naughty while Dame Queenie will be outfitted with the approach pack.

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