Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh brother!

Another relatively easy day. The drive to work was smooth as silk. I got to my desk at 7:45am with plenty of
time to spare.While I was at my workstation, I had the chore to sort out several things. First order of the day was to check
my story stock.To my shock, I found that the queue was almost empty. Bummer! And the guy who manned the shift before
me also indicated that he might not be coming back after his long leave.He might be one of the guys who will be axed along with 11 other contract workers. From scratch, I had to
whip up a quick list to fill eight pages.That was a blessing in disguise because there were fewer ads. But by the time I got down to work, the ad
person rang back to add one more small ad. No space.And when I thought the day would go down well, one of my company's subsidiary rang up. The voice at the
end of the line was a guy who spoke broken English asking for my section to interview his panel of
speakers.This company organises seminars and workshops and what I found irritating - was the way he imposed his
needs.Call it emotional blackmail cos this summabich threw names, and played the blame game. He held on to
the phone for nearly 20-minutes.I told my boss about it and what I got back was : "We help them whenever we can..". In short, we have to
take the shit no matter what.It's callers like that who would completely ruin your day. And guess what? There's one everday! Later, I met
my old buddy for a cup of Kopi Jantan, we talked about prospects.Seems that my Chinese Zodiac sign had indicated a good year ahead. I want to take advantage of this...

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